The purpose of poetry is to try and pry open [the] casket (Tate) of the reader. It is to explore and create a relationship with the author's audience; to rub our hands together, maybe start a little fire (Tate). The beauty in poetry's purpose is its dependence on the one who reads it. The ambiguity and open endedness of poetry facillitates a rorsach style of interpretation, where one reader can see two blue tail-lights on Tyrannosaurus Rex, another can see a walrus chewing a ballpoint pen (Lueders). In order to tell it like it never really was so that one can see it like it is (Luederss) there must be a level of nonsense and ambiguity in poetry. If a poem was more grounded in the tangible, rather than the abstract, it would lose its ability to open the mind up, to plug us in to the wrong socket (Lueders) and form our own opinions of the poem.